Company Culture

“Company culture” seemd to be in the same category as “company vision”, “company mission” or “unique selling proposition”. That is, I expected a short proposition explaining how the culture is like: “friendly and flexible” or “nice office, very professional”.

Today I realised that “company culture” is more than just a few words. It’s about:

  • how the office looks like?
  • what the usual dress code is?
  • fixed or flexible timetable?
  • extra hours and weekends or 6h / day (with 20% for yourself – Google style)?
  • frequent meetings outside the office or mainly office work?
  • frequent trips / flights?
  • who the colleagues are and how the interaction will be like?
  • teambuildings, team going out for a drink after office hours?
  • events?
  • type of projects you will work on: small, big, change often, do several at a time?
  • what competences will my colleagues have?

I now also realise that the company culture is the most important thing about that company. It’s how your daily life will look like!


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