It’s the Value You Bring, Not the Skills You Have!

Stop telling employers about your skills. Start telling them where you can bring value.

Of course the value you bring is related to some of your skills, but also to your ability and your will to put them to good use. So look at the problems you can solve and how that improves people’s lives. Brag about that, not about your skills!


Company Culture vs Job Description

When hiring somebody one posts a job description with the desired technical skills.

Most of the time the technical skills have little relevancey. Especially in IT things change so fast that it’s not important what one knows today but how willing that person is to evolve, learn and contribute to the job.

What would motivate somebody to do so?
Answer: company culture. If he / she is a good fit for the company, then there will be chemistry, there will be love, passion and the desire to contribute. With the Internet at your fingertips you can learn so many things if you’re willing to.

Company Culture

“Company culture” seemd to be in the same category as “company vision”, “company mission” or “unique selling proposition”. That is, I expected a short proposition explaining how the culture is like: “friendly and flexible” or “nice office, very professional”.

Today I realised that “company culture” is more than just a few words. It’s about:

  • how the office looks like?
  • what the usual dress code is?
  • fixed or flexible timetable?
  • extra hours and weekends or 6h / day (with 20% for yourself – Google style)?
  • frequent meetings outside the office or mainly office work?
  • frequent trips / flights?
  • who the colleagues are and how the interaction will be like?
  • teambuildings, team going out for a drink after office hours?
  • events?
  • type of projects you will work on: small, big, change often, do several at a time?
  • what competences will my colleagues have?

I now also realise that the company culture is the most important thing about that company. It’s how your daily life will look like!

Learning = Doing

I’m plannig to have a blog for a long time. The problem is that I’m not a good blogger!
Today I understood why: it’s because I’ve never blogged!! How can I become a good blogger without actually doing it? If I just wait for my skill to come, it will never come!

Wow! This means today it’s going to be different. Today it’s time to write!

The next days will be different as well. I’m going to try things I want to become good at! It’s not going ot be easy. I’ll  need to overcome the embarrassment for my noob attempts. But that’s what it takes to get there. There’s no other way!


This journey is to incredible not to share it.

I’m on my way to becoming an entrepreneur. On my way I’m also becoming a better partner, a better friend, a better son, a better employee… what the hell – a better human being in most of its roles.